Spanish Multimeda ~ Multimedia en Español

There is increased awareness of Spanish as well as English communication needs in Napa County since the October, 2017 wildfires. Chair, Elba Gonzalez-Mares, of the Napa Valley “C.O.A.D’s Public Information and Outreach subcommittee shared this report Desconectado (Desconectado: Como se perdió información de emergencia durante los incendios forestales del Norte de California .)

Spanish Media in Napa County: Teresa Foster has hosted a monthly, public access TV program Charlando con Teresa Foster on Napa Valley TV (Channel 28.) Nico De Luna’s has been on the air on KVON on Sunday mornings for decades.

“Que Pasa Napa” Somos Napa’s Program Coordinator, Debbie Alter-Starr used a small grant in 2013 to hire Mari Martinez, then the Spanish librarian at St. Helena Public Library, to develop and host, “Que Pasa Napa,” a Spanish TV and radio program. Filmed in Napa Valley TV’s studio in Napa, it was broadcast on their public access, nonprofit station and also, as an audio-only file on KBBF 89.1, FM, a Santa Rosa based station that the first bilingual (English-Spanish) community radio station in the United States, in 1973/ “Que Pasa Napa’s earlier shows were broadcast live and had listeners call in during the program.

A June, 2013 episode, Latinos en los medios locales de comunicación, featured a dialog between Teresa Foster, Nico De Luna, Mari Martinez, and Sonoma County radio host Norris Binet, which was reported on by a bilingual reporter in this Napa Valley Register’ article “Getting the News Out in Spanish.” Que Pasa Napa programs remain available in Napa Valley TV’s video vaults, 

Photos below: NCOE’s Mariposa Program teens and program coordinator Joanna Guzman in 2013.

Que Pasa Set Production
Que pasa Napa -Somos Napa Spanish TV-radio show crew , 2013.

Note: Mari Martinez – pictured in the blue shirt, is now a librarian in 
Broward County, Florida.