August 2, 2015

Soscol Intertribal Council Weekly Men’s and Women’s Talking Circle




A Sharing of Good Medicine


A Sharing of Good Medicine on Thursday Evenings facilitated by Dean Houglin (Coast Miwok) and April Jackson (Pomo.)

Somos Napa Editor: Visit the Soscol Intertribal gorgeous website at and its calendar  and read it’s fall, 2011 newsletter to learn how more about this dynamic organization which sustains  Native American cultures and supports families in our area.



  1. Aloysa Anderson says:

    I met Ashley Allen at camp Okizu and she was telling me about language camp and different activities and I am interested and so is my sister Cheyanne. We are Pomo, I am from Coyote Valley and Cheyanne is from Sherwood Valley. I have a cell phone or you can email me. Mu cell phone number is 530 908-9494 Thank you