February 7, 2016

Soscol Intertribal Council Weekly Men’s and Women’s Talking Circle




A Sharing of Good Medicine


A Sharing of Good Medicine on Thursday Evenings facilitated by Dean Houglin (Coast Miwok) and April Jackson (Pomo.)

Somos Napa Editor: Visit the Soscol Intertribal gorgeous website at suscolcouncil.org and its calendar¬† and read it’s fall, 2011 newsletter to learn how more about this dynamic organization which sustains¬† Native American cultures and supports families in our area.



  1. Aloysa Anderson says:

    I met Ashley Allen at camp Okizu and she was telling me about language camp and different activities and I am interested and so is my sister Cheyanne. We are Pomo, I am from Coyote Valley and Cheyanne is from Sherwood Valley. I have a cell phone or you can email me. Mu cell phone number is 530 908-9494 Thank you