February 8, 2016

Recruitment for Public Art Steering Committee for the City of Napa

The Public Art Steering Committee was created as part of the City of Napa’s Public Art Ordinance which was adopted in April 2010. Applications are now being accepted for appointment to this new Committee.

The Committee will consist of five regular members who will be responsible for serving in an advisory capacity to the City Council and to staff regarding public art proposals funded through in-lieu contributions, among other responsibilities such as guiding development of and implementing the future Public Art Master Plan. The City is seeking visual arts professionals (professional artist in any medium, curator, art critic, art historian, arts educator, architect, or design professional with a visual arts background or fine art collector) and practicing professional artists to apply for appointment to the Committee. One of the vacancies may also be filled by an “at large” member without these specific qualifications.

Public Art Steering Committee members will serve for a term of four years, with staggered terms. The Public Art Steering Committee will meet periodically starting in the spring to review and provide input and make recommendations to the City regarding proposals for city-owned public art for sites identified in the Public Art Master Plan. The Committee may also be requested to participate in the review of requests for qualifications and proposals, and calls for artists and solicitations for public art pieces The Public Art Steering Committee will advise on public art program implementation.

For more information regarding the Committee go to www.cityofnapa.org and click on “Boards, Commissions and Committees” in the Quick Links menu, or pick up an application at the City Clerk office at City Hall, 955 School Street, Napa.


  1. chris lieber says:

    I hope that, since there is a steering committee, it will reconsider the depiction of Klu Klux Klan members, in costume, in a mural in downtown Napa. As a member of the community , I am appalled that this image is on display for all the world to see. Is this the image we want to project to visitors from around the world.? As a parent of 3 black children living in Napa, I am particularly concerned about the effect this image has on people who see it.

    I know the artist said that he was just telling the true history of Napa, and there was Klan activity here. There are also members of this community who fought in WWII, Korea , Vietnam and more recently in the Middle East. Happily no-one has decided that images of atrocities that occurred during those wars are appropriate images for a public place.

    • admin says:


      I share your feelings about the mural. What interests me is explore whether ANOTHER art piece (or art pieces) could be created and placed in the same space as an assertion of what our values and expectations as a community today. Check out the Somos Calistoga video posted on our site as an example of Calistoga HIgh School students putting their point of view across about diversity .. If you or others want to dialog about possible solutions, please contact me- deb@somosnapa.