February 8, 2016

New Family doctor in Napa, author of Deep Nutrition and Food Rules

Somos Napa Editor / Deb:  I had the good fortune of meeting Dr.  Cate Shanahan this week and picked up her book Deep Nutrition.  I’m intrigued by the idea that thousands of years old cuisines are more health promoting – this is what her book is about.    My kids will be thrilled that she includes bacon in her (free) recipes  on her website.  See some of the recipes from www.drcate.com and read more about her research and writing below.


Sampling of FREE Dinner Recipes from drcate.com

Seared Pork Chops  **   Roasted String Beans & Garlic  ** Steamed Brussels Sprouts with Browned Butter and Lemon Zest **Luke’s spaghetti sauce  ** Braised Lamb Shanks  **  Whole spice-rubbed roast chicken and roast veggies  ** Giant Salad, Greek-influence  ** Braised Chicken Thighs with Mushrooms  ** CSHANAHAN20  **    ** Egg, Spinach, & Canadian Bacon “muffin puffs”  ** Bacon Meatloaf Muffin


About Deep Nutrition


Long before chronic disease management programs, emergency rooms, joint replacements, antibiotics, or even things like eyeglasses, people’s survival depended more directly on their own optimal health. Our ancestors would be acutely aware, far more-so than the average person today, how lack of nourishment affects growth and impairs health. Though they would not have known about DNA, they possessed the awareness to recognize cause and effect connections even if separated by years or decades. Among indigenous peoples today, specific foods are known to influence a child’s constitution and couples and their families go to great lengths to acquire those foods before conception and continuing through childhood and adolescence. Clearly, our ancestors could have done the same kinds of things. In doing so, in exploiting the Earth’s wild abundance to obtain a nutritional bounty, they would engineer bodies of extraordinary health and beauty. Today, we owe the length of our limbs, the shape of our eyes, the proper function of our organs—and all that makes us human—to our ancestors’ collective skill.

Deep Nutrition identifies the foods and techniques common to every culture and divides them into four categories, called the Four Pillars of World Cuisine. From the Maasai and ancient Egyptian to the Japanese and the French, you’ll learn how the same Four Pillars form the foundation of all the healthiest diets. Using the latest research in physiology and genetics, the authors explain why your family’s health depends on eating these foods.

Learn How:

  • Your genes are always changing
  • Traditional food creates beautiful bodies
  • Beauty and health are connected
  • We instinctively recognize the healthiest mates
  • To see beyond calories and learn the language of food
  • To lose weight and stay young
  • To prevent cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers and more
  • To use diet to turn your child’s behavior around
  • To prepare the foods that have stood the test of time
  • Symmetry and health are connected
  • The cholesterol theory of heart disease created a sickness epidemic!

About The Authors

Luke Shanahan, MFA: Has studied enology and the culinary arts during and since graduate school. He has taught, lectured, and worked with chefs around the country and is currently working on a cookbook based on The Four Pillars of World Cuisine

Dr. Cate Shanahan: Trained at Cornell University’s Molecular Biology Program where she learned how nutrients direct physiologic growth. She has continued to study nutrition and alternative medicine since residency training in Tucson, AZ. Dr. Shanahan’s lecture’s have revolutionized how fellow health professionals think about nutrition and health.

Dr. Shananan’s Office in Napa:   707 251 3681


  1. Rich P says:

    I noticed a spelling error in the Somos Napa page. Specifically, in the bulleted list of items entitled “Learn How”, the 6th item in the list misspells “lose” as “loose”

    Rich P