January 22, 2017


We’re serious about fun at Somos Napa (We Are Napa.)

We  all need relaxation, recreation,  celebration and joy.

As a result, one of the goals of our organization is  to collect and shared information about free and affordable recreation.

We also partner with groups to create free and/or donation based celebrations and recreation.
Here are few links about the importance of fun:

“Fun theory” : Illustrates how fun is important in motivating people to do what’s in all of our best interests.

The American Happiness Association: Janna Waldinger, a Napa County parent and community member, is on the Board of this nonprofit which shares research and tools for promoting happiness.

Fun Cheap SF: is a San Francisco-based website which features recommendations of upwards of 50 affordable, fun and unique Bay Area events each week. It was started as a yahoo group in 2003 by two poor, underemployed San Franciscans, Johnny and Shannon who were sick and tired of trolling through the Guardian, the Weekly, Craigslist, sfstation, citysearch and all those fliers on telephone poles on Haight street just to find out fun things to do that wouldn’t cost us too much. So we put together a list for ourselves and our friends. 10,000 people later, we figured we were on to something!”

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