January 22, 2017


Somos Napa – We Are Napa is based on the belief that each of us are capable of making impacts on our community, individually and collectively.  As one example — if many of us make an effort, five minutes a week or five minutes a month to post useful information or to answer each other’s questions, the result will be a thriving, local, online community.

Somos Napa – We Are Napa supports the empowerment of community members also by:

1) Helping you share what you are doing ( hobbies, community good deeds, etc.) in order to invite others with similar interests to join you.

2) Drawing attention to community forums and other special events about important community topics.

3)  Keeping ourselves open to additional good ideas that community members might come up with for this website and newsletter network  and running with those ideas if /when resources are available to do so.

This post is also available in: Spanish