January 22, 2017

Community Building

Here is a video of Talk on Community Building in the NVUSD Auditorium, October, 2009.  Ed Everett, the speaker, is a retired City Manager who has won international awards for bringing his community of Redwood City, California together.

More About this Program and The Speaker: 

Ed donated his talk to Somos Napa -We Are Napa, then called Napa Community Network. The NVUSD donated the use of its auditorium and translation for the talk, Jan Madejski donated the filming and the editing and SC21 made a donation to cover part of Jan’s time. 

School, youth, and community leaders came to participate in dialog before the speaker program. The City of Napa later hosted a training on community engagement by Ed Everett and a Pete Peterson in association with Common Sense California.

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