January 22, 2017


Somos Napa – We Are Napa helps with communication in the following ways.

1) We volunteer to put together a weekly, email newsletter and a website hub based on the information community members and organizations send in to share. Our goal is to help make information easier to find in English and Spanish.

2) Everyone is invited to share information that is useful or entertaining which follows our soon-to-be-developed guidelines. The guidelines will be a few suggestions to keep the sharing safe and focused on local, free and affordable opportunities. Our approach may be a little different than some community websites and “wikis.”   We want to keep thing simple to ensure we are able to include people with more limited skills with technology.

3) We will include an “ Ask a question” feature soon so community members can request help and information from each other.

4) We will include a community directory soon, in English and Spanish.

4) We will host fun, get-togethers for English and Spanish speakers together from time to time and invite community members to come.

5) Please invite us, your neighbors, to visit your community groups and organizations. Some of our advisory board members are highly knowledgeable about community resources.  We can speak to this topic as well show people how to use this website and newsletter network as a useful tool.

This post is also available in: Spanish