August 1, 2015


All of our sponsors contributed substantial in-kind donations of labor and expertise to launch this website and community network.


Cope Family Center, Napa, California

Cope Family Center has contributed $5,000 over the last two years for website programming and many hours of staff time.   Cope is also our fiscal agent, and our advisors and nonprofit home.   Website:  Cope Family Center.


Influence Internet, Napa, California

Influence Internet has donated thousands of dollars in website building and design of this website.  Website: Influence Internet.


Napa Valley TV, Napa, California

James Raymond, Executive Director of Napa Valley TV is donating film production of a piece we will share later this spring. This will powerfully share our philosophy of community members contributing their gifts through this through this website.  Website:  Napa Valley TV.


Napa Valley Unified School District

Napa County Office of Education

Folia Design



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