January 24, 2017

About Us

Somos Napa- We Are Napa (Somos Napa)

Our mission is to celebrate and support, online and in-person, bilingually, our neighbors of all cultures who live or work in the Napa Valley.

What We Are About:

We are a grassroots group of multicultural, English and Spanish speaking community members and organizations working together to improve the quality of life in our Napa Valley communities. Our goal includes  to use technology – internet, radio, and television – increase families access to Communication, Support, Community Building, Empowerment, and Recreation.

In addition to hosting what we hope will become a useful website with lots of good information, and as of January 4, 2013, weekly Spanish radio and TV programs,  Somos Napa- We Are Napa playfully brings neighbors from diverse backgrounds together.  To understand more about our vision, read the website’s history.

We believe that each of us helps create stronger, more caring communities through even our smallest acts of kindness. Sharing useful information with our neighbors in an online format  – so they don’t miss out on something important or special – enriches our community life in this post-internet age, similar to cooking for a neighbor who is recovering,   watching each other’s kids, or bringing celebration and daily good cheer into our work places makes a difference.

Primarily, we are trying to do what most local-serving websites do. We want to help community communication to be more inclusive, democratic, and lively.

We you to co-create this website by submitting content, translating or editing submissions, or ciontributing  your creativity in some other way. To get involved,  contact Deb Alter-Starr, deb@somosnapa.org or (707) 480-7436 cell.

Thank you for visiting Somos Napa on line.

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