February 11, 2016

2 year Old “Schnoodle” (Schnauzer – Poodle Mix) Has Found a New Home.

I had complete knee replacement surgery last month and am no longer able to take care of my two year old, little girl (dog) Amy and need to find a new home for her asap and I wondered if you could help.  I have all her medical records and her certificate from school.  We can provide all the supplies needed to help her in her new home – the crate, toys, leashes, some dog food to get started.

She is crate trained for travel and for being home alone and house trained.  She loves to sleep in her large crate all night. She is a schnoodle (Schnauzer – Poodle Hybrid) so she is hyper-allergenic – she has hair not fur.   She does have a high energy level, so needs to be walked for exercise.   She loves other animals and seems to love children.  She barks but her tail is always wagging – she is very social.  (In the photo with the cat, she’s still just a puppy.  I took the other photos this week. She is two years old.)

Please, if you can help contact me at home 944-2834 or by e-mail at  jak-robi@att.net.

Thanks so

very much, Jack Gleeson.